Our customers’ needs and expectations are at the heart of the new yarns we develop for them. Due to our technical expertise, machinery and partnerships with suppliers, we are able to offer our customers yarns with the specific properties they are looking for. We work with every idea, question or concept our customers come up with and are happy to contribute accordingly.

A lot of colour options


The advantages of polypropylene

  • Stain resistant
  • Color resistant
  • Non-allergenic/dust free

The yarns are 100% dyed, which makes them much more colour-fast than materials with only a layer of colour on the surface. Moreover, they do not absorb moisture (in contrast to natural fibres and other types of plastic). They are therefore highly resistant to stains and very hygienic, thanks to their anti-allergenic properties. In terms of price-quality, the Mc Three yarns are of top quality.

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