People & Planet

At McThree, we care for the environment. We produce in an environmentally conscious way and thanks to our energy saving efforts we reduce our impact dramatically. We do everything we can to prevent, reuse and recycle waste.


Responsible, safe and transparent

Thanks to our efforts, we have received the “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” certificate. This is an international certification system for textile companies. The certificate proves that Mc Three is permanently committed to a responsible and sustainable production. For our clients, it is a proof that we are a serious and reliable business partner. For employees, retailers and consumers, it is an additional guarantee that our carpets do not contain harmful substances.


Ethical Trading

McThree successfully passed the ETI Base Code. ETI stands for ‘Ethical Trading Initiative’ and proves that we provide the best working conditions for our production workers. We also ask our key suppliers to endorse the ETI Base Code.

Safety and well-being

For Mc Three, the well-being and safety of employees is a priority. We find it important that our people feel good on the shop floor. Therefore we provide, among other things, skylights in the roof to let in as much daylight as possible. We are constantly working on ergonomic workplaces, prevention and protection. We also take sufficient steps in the field of fire safety.

Raw materials and waste

We package and transport yarns in reusable packaging or containers.

Raw materials and waste
Raw materials and waste

In addition to textile waste, we also sort paper and cardboard for recycling, plastic, PMD, metals, lamps, household waste, pallets and oil residues.

We reuse bobbins. We return pallets to suppliers.

Raw materials and waste
Raw materials and waste

Recycling: recognised recycling companies collect our textile waste and process it into various products. For example, unusable yarns are collected and processed into fibres for car interiors (e.g. binding fibre). The same companies also collect the cleaning water (e.g. contaminated with latex) and waste oil. Likewise, a specialised recycling company collects our IT equipment. We break down residual yarns to reuse in new products.

Environmental standards

McThree has been working closely with external specialists to align production with the strictest environmental standards for a long time. Our machinery is state-of-the-art and highly efficient, with maintenance conducted using only environmentally friendly products. In addition to respecting the environment within our own factory walls, we also focus on maintaining a vibrant green zone.

Raw materials and waste
Raw materials and waste

Reusable energy

There are 14,000 m² solar panels on the roof of our Waregem site.

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