Our carpets are woven with polypropylene, wool and polyester yarns. This makes them very maintenance-friendly and affordable. Every day, we strive for the best yarn quality, weave structure and look and feel.

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With a new carpet, you always create a new interior. Discover our wide range of woven carpets here! Do you like country style? Or rather tight and minimalistic?
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  • Stain resistant
  • Color resistant
  • Non-allergenic/dust-free

The advantages
of polypropylene

The yarns are 100% dyed, which makes them much more colour-fast than materials with only a layer of colour on the surface. Moreover, they do not absorb moisture (in contrast to natural fibres and other types of plastic). They are therefore highly resistant to stains and very hygienic, thanks to their anti-allergenic properties. In terms of price-quality, the Mc Three carpets are of top quality,

Collaboration James

James has a free and unique service. The manufacturer, the retailer as well as the consumer is welcomed to direct their questions concerning maintenance and stain removal of carpets and rugs. By using proper products and well thought-out solutions, many stains and maintenance problems will be solved.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will my carpet serve?

The life of a carpet depends on the material, the way it is made and the frequency with which it is walked on. Careful consideration of where to lay the carpet and how to use it will extend its life considerably.

Will the colours of my carpet fade?

The colours of most carpets will remain bright and vivid for years and will not fade under normal lighting. However, in brightly lit rooms the colours may fade slightly.

Is an underlay necessary?

A quality underlay can extend the life of your carpet for years by protecting it from stains, impacts and cleaning. It also provides extra safety and is even better for acoustics.

My carpet is wrinkled when it is delivered. Is this a problem?

During shipment, the pile can be compressed. This may cause the carpet to wrinkle, but the wrinkles and folds disappear after a few days.

What should I do if a problem occurs?

Please contact your dealer immediately. He will use his professional knowledge to solve your problem.

How do I keep my carpet or rug clean?

Carpets get a lot of dirt, dust, sand, stains and footprints to cope with. Regular vacuuming with a good vacuum cleaner will keep the carpet nice and clean for longer.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

Vacuuming once a week is sufficient to remove dust and dirt before it can settle in the piles of the carpet. It is best to empty the dust-bag of the vacuum cleaner when it is half full. Vacuum more often where you walk a lot.

How can I prevent my carpet from becoming dirty?

  • Place dirt-absorbent mats at the outer doors of your house. Replace or wash them when they become too dirty.
  • Regularly change the filters of your heating or air-conditioning system.

How can I remove stains from my carpet?

  • Spilled liquids can best be removed with a paper tissue or an absorbent cloth. Solid substances can be scooped up with the point of a knife or with a spoon.
  • Treat stains with a product that can be used on carpets and is pH-neutral (with low acidity). Also make sure that the product does not leave a sticky residue.
  • Use a light, colour-fast cotton cloth to remove stains. Always remove stains from the edge towards the middle; This avoids the stain becoming larger. Use only small quantities of the product to remove the stain. It is a good idea to replace the cleaning cloth as soon as it starts to get dirty.
  • After polishing, you should moisten the treated strip with clean water, without using too much water. Dry it then as much as possible with a clean towel or a hair dryer. Clean the strips that are walked on a lot and the area for chairs and seats from time to time with an appropriate product.
  • Do not use dirt-resistant products that contain silicone, as this will accelerate carpet soiling.

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